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tuesday november 28, 2017 - 2 pm (icsm auditorium)

PhD defense of Carlos Arrambide Cruz – Team: Ion Separation using self-assembled Molecular systems (LTSM)
"Synthesis methodologies of chelating formo-phenolic resins: towards optimized solid-liquid extraction of strategic metals"

thursday november 30, 2017 - 2 pm (Beirut university - lebanon)

PhD defense of Sanaa Shehayeb – Team: Nanomaterials for Energy and Recycling (LNER)
"Photothermal solar receptors obtained from the electrophoretic deposition of spectrally selective nanoparticles"





Monday November 27, 2017
PhD defense of Théo Cordara (LIME – ICSM)
"Impact of the presence of fission products on the mechanisms of dissolution of uranium dioxide based model compounds"

Friday November 24, 2017
PhD defense of Elodie Dalodière (LSFC – ICSM)
"Sonochemistry of plutonium: synthesis and speciation in solution and at the colloidal state"

Thursday November 23, 2017
PhD defense of Clémentine Mansas (LNER – ICSM)
"Synthesis of core-shell nanoparticles to entrap radioactive cesium"

Monday November 20, 2017
PhD defense of Aurelio Barbetta (LTSM – ICSM)
"Thermodynamics of water adsorption in model structured molecular systems including analogues of hemicelluloses, crystalline cellulose and lignin"

Monday November 20, 2017
PhD defense of Tobias Lopian (LTSM – ICSM)
"Characterization of a metal-extracting water-poor microemulsion"

Wednesday November 15, 2017
PhD defense of Ricardo Navarro Amador (LHYS – ICSM)
"Synthesis and characterization of Metal Organic Frameworks for energy and environmental applications"

Tuesday October 10, 2017
Ph.D. defense of Bertrand Braibant (LHYS – ICSM)
"Preparation and studies of fluorinated systems for the liquid/liquid extraction of strategic metals"

Thursday September 28, 2017
Ph.D. defense of Sarah Hocine (LMCT – ICSM)
"Adsorption of alkali cations and electrokinetic phenomena on charged silica surfaces"

Friday June 9, 2017
HDR defense of Guilhem Arrachart (LTSM – ICSM)
"Tools to optimize chemistry for separation - Towards breakthrough processes"

Thursday April 6, 2017
HDR defense of de Rachel Pflieger (LSFC – ICSM)
"Towards a synergy of the sonochemistry and sonoluminescence spectroscopy approaches"

Wednesday February 1st, 2017
HDR defense of Magali Duvail (LMCT – ICSM)
"Modélisation Multi-Echelle pour les Phénomènes de Transfert en Chimie Séparative : de l'Atome aux Procédés"



Thursday December 15, 2016
Ph.D. defense of Moheddine Wehbie (LTSM – ICSM)
"Organized chelating systems for the selective extraction of strategic metals"

Tuesday December 13, 2016
Ph.D. defense of Clémence Gausse (LIME – ICSM)
"First step of sintering of lanthanides and actinides oxides: an in situ study by ESEM at high temperature"

Friday December 9, 2016
Ph.D. defense of Yu Lou (LNER – ICSM)
"Mesoporous silicas behaviour under ion irradiation"

Tuesday December 6, 2016
Ph.D. defense of Temim Ouerhani (LSFC – ICSM)
"Effect of nitrogen and ammonia on sonoluminescence spectra and sonochemical activity"

Monday November 7, 2016
Ph.D. defense of Galy Ingrid Nkou Bouala (L2ME – ICSM)
"Synthesis and dissolution of phosphate-based matrices of monazite structure type"

Friday September 16, 2016
Ph.D. defense of Julien Rey (LTSM – ICSM)
"Study of synergistic extraction mechanisms in liquid-liquid separation"

Tuesday June 14, 2016
HDR defense of Damien Bourgeois (LHYS – ICSM)
"Liquid extraction and nuclear toxicology"

Monday April 18, 2016
Ph.D. defense of Benoît Gouze (L2ME – ICSM)
"Self-organization of semifluorinated alkanes in non-aqueous media: a first step towards a mesoporous silicon carbide"



Thursday December 17, 2015
Ph.D. defense of Moustapha Coulibaly (LNER – ICSM)
"Nanocomposites Carbides from Sol-Gel Precursors_Impact on the Optical Selectivity"

Monday December 14, 2015
Ph.D. defense of Florent Tocino (LIME – ICSM)
"Microstructural control of redox reactions at the solid/solution interface during the dissolution of uranium(IV)-based mixed oxides"

Friday December 11, 2015
Ph.D. defense of Moussa Toure (LTSM – ICSM)
"Study of pertraction implementation conditions for metals of interest extraction and purification"

Thursday December 10, 2015
Ph.D. defense of Kévin Ruffray (LHYS – ICSM)
"Synthesis and physicochemical study of molecular and self-assembled d-f heterometallic systems"

Friday December 4, 2015
Ph.D. defense of Thanh-Nghi Nguyen (LMCT – ICSM)
"Modeling of concentrated aqueous solutions of f-elements using a multiscale approach"

Monday November 30, 2015
Ph.D. defense of Ernesto Scoppola (L2IA – ICSM)
"Solvent extraction: a study of the liquid/liquid interface with ligands combining x-ray and neutron reflectivity measurements"

Tuesday November 24, 2015
Ph.D. defense of Violaine Goudy (LHYS – ICSM)
"Synthesis, characterization and reactivity of polymetallic compounds for photochemistry and charge-transfer"

Monday November 9, 2015
Ph.D. defense of Romain Besnard (LTSM – ICSM)
"Synthesis of hybrid silica with high density of extractant functions"

Monday November 2, 2015
Ph.D. defense of Thibaud Nardin (L2ME – ICSM)
"Elaboration of porous and mesoporous silicon carbide via molecular way"

Tuesday October 27, 2015
Ph.D. defense of Arnaud Villard (LMCT – ICSM)
"Electrolyte solutions mixture: from modeling to application for the decontamination of the strontium by the sodium nonatitanate"

Wednesday September 23, 2015
Ph.D. defense of Alvaro Saravia (LNER/LIME – ICSM)
"Carbide fuel synthesis from nanostructured precursor: impact on the carboreduction and the physicochemical properties"

Wednesday May 27, 2015
HDR defense of Julien Cambedouzou (L2ME – ICSM)
"Matrices nanostructurées pour le confinement de la matière : l'apport des techniques de diffusion"

Friday January 23, 2015
Ph.D. defense of Xavier Beaudoux (LSFC – ICSM)
"Ultrasound-assisted reductive dissolution of lanthanide oxides and PuO2"



Thursday December 18, 2014
Ph.D. defense of Marie Guillot (LTSM – ICSM)
"Study of biomass treatment through hydrothermal conditions for the recovering of high value molecules and materials"

Monday December 15, 2014
Ph.D. defense of Julien Martinez (LIME – ICSM)
"Sintering of (U,Ce)O2 and (U,Pu)O2: impact of the physico-chemical parameters inherited from the preparation and conversion of the precursors"

Friday December 1, 2014
Ph.D. defense of Rémi Poirot (LCPA-LHYS – ICSM)
"Extraction of palladium using malonamides: behaviour and specificity compared to the lanthanides"

Monday November 21, 2014
Ph.D. defense of Simon Chapron (LTSM – ICSM)
"Synthèse et évaluation de complexants aqueux pour la séparation Américium/Curium"

Monday November 17, 2014
Ph.D. defense of Alban Gossard (LNER – ICSM)
"Synthèse d’oxydes par voie sol-gel colloïdale : Application aux précurseurs de combustibles nucléaires"

Thursday November 6, 2014
Ph.D. defense of Olivia Pécheur (LTSM-DRCP – ICSM)
"Compréhension des mécanismes synergiques pour l’extraction de l’uranium des mines de phosphates"

Friday June 27, 2014
Ph.D. defense of Aude Charlot (LNER – ICSM)
"Elaboration et caractérisation de revêtements submicroniques obtenus par électrodéposition de nanoparticules de silice"

Thursday April 3, 2014
HDR defense of Nicolas Clavier (LIME – ICSM)
"Frittage et dissolution de matériaux céramiques à base d’actinides : impacts de la structure et de la microstructure"



Monday December 16, 2013
PhD defense of Damien Brusselle (L2IA – ICSM)
"Self-assembly of dicarbollide molecules in aqueous solution: a new kind of surfactant"

Friday December 6, 2013
PhD defense of Fanny Cretaz (LIME – ICSM)
"Etude de la solubilité et des cinétiques de dissolution des phosphates et des vanadates d'uranium: implications pour l'amont du cycle électronucléaire"

Thursday November 14, 2013
PhD defense of Camille Cau (LSFC – ICSM)
"Influence de la méthode de synthèse sur les propriétés structurales et catalytiques d'oxydes mixtes cérium-zirconium"

Wednesday November 13, 2013
PhD defense of Cyril Micheau (L2IA – ICSM)
"Tensioactif carboxylique polyéthoxylé pour la flottation ionique: étude fondamentale de la solution à la mousse"

Friday June 21, 2013
PhD defense of Pierre-Marie Gassin (L2IA – ICSM)
"Active Liquid/liquid Interfaces: contributions of non linear optics and tensiometry"

Monday March 25, 2013
PhD defense of Sabbah El Mourabit (LNER – ICSM)
"Matériaux hybrides inorganiques-organiques pour l'extraction d'uranium en milieu acide phosphorique"

Monday January 21, 2013
PhD defense of Carole Delchet (LNER – ICSM)
"Matériaux hybrides pour la séparation et le confinement d'éléments mobiles : applications au Césium"



Thursday December 20, 2012
PhD defense of Dan Tiberiu Costin (LIME – ICSM)
"Uranothorites solide solutions : From synthesis to dissolution"

Friday October 26, 2012
PhD defense of Thomas Demars (LCPA – ICSM)
"Synthesis of f metal coordination polymers : properties and conversion into inorganic solids"



Tuesday December 6, 2011
PhD defense of Denis Horlait (LIME – ICSM)
"Structural characterization of M(IV)1-xLn(III)xO2-x/2 (M = Ce, Th) mixed-oxides prepared from oxalate precursors. Multiparametric study of dissolution and microstructural evolution"

Thursday November 24, 2011
PhD defense of Bernhard Smutek (LNER – ICSM)
"Organic reactions of alcohols under hydrothermal conditions"

Thursday September 29, 2011
PhD defense of John Jairo Molina (LMCT – ICSM)
"Multi-scale modelling of ions in solution: from atomistic descriptions to chemical engineering"

Friday June 10, 2011
PhD defense of Caroline Bauer (L2IA – ICSM)
"Metal ion extractant in microemulsion: where solvent extraction and surfactant science meet"


2009 - 2010

Friday December 10, 2010
PhD defense of Wolfram Müller ( – ICSM)
"Liquid-solid extraction of cationic metals by cationic amphiphiles"

Wednesday November 3, 2010
PhD defense of Ahmed Yahia ( – ICSM)
"Etude théorique de la réactivité comparée de complexes d'organoactinides"

Friday October 23, 2009
PhD defense of Thiphaine Ribaut ( – ICSM)
"Décontamination de matrices solides par des assemblages (macro-) moléculaires en milieu dioxyde de carbone supercritique"