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The role of curvature effects in liquid-liquid extraction

A molecular approach for investigating the role of chain configurations of reverse micelles containing rare-earth metals involved in liquid–liquid extraction.

(Team LMCT)

Polyoxometalate/Polyethylene Glycol Interactions in Water: From Nanoassemblies in Water to Crystal Formation by Electrostatic Screening.

α-Keggin polyoxometalate, α-PW12O403− (PW), forms hybrid crystalline materials with industrial (neutral) polyethylene glycol oligomers (PEG) under mild conditions.

L2IA team

Vitamin C boosts ceria-based catalyst recycling

The facile, rapid, and complete reductive dissolution of CeO2 and ceria-based oxides, known to be highly refractive materials towards dissolution, is reported for the first time in very mild conditions.

Incorporation of Thorium in the Zircon Structure Type through the Th1-xErx(SiO4)1-x(PO4)x Thorite–Xenotime Solid Solution

Pure Th1−xErx(SiO4)1−x(PO4)x compounds belonging to the zircon–xenotime family were synthesized under hydrothermal conditions (250 °C, 7 days).

From in Situ HT-ESEM Observations to Simulation: How Does Polycrystallinity Affects the Sintering of CeO2 Microspheres?

In situ observation of the first stage of sintering of cerium dioxide microspheres performed using an environmental scanning electron microscope at high temperature (HT-ESEM).

High-resolution X-ray absorption spectroscopy as a probe of crystal-field and covalency effects in actinide compounds (FR)

First illustration of the ability of this technique to directly probe the crystal-field splitting in the 5f shell of actinides.