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Metal-organic frameworks cavity size effect on the extraction of organic pollutants

MOF matrices for decontamination: publication in Materials Letters

Team LHYS 

Selective layer-free blood serum ionogram based on ion-specific interactions with a nanotransistor

We show that scaling a silicon nanotransistor sensor down to ~25 nm provides a unique opportunity to understand and exploit ion-specific surface interactions


Nanoparticle foam flotation for caesium decontamination using a pH-sensitive surfactant

Ion/particle flotation; publication in Environ. Sci.: Nano

Team L2IA

Structural and magnetic susceptibility characterization of Pu(V) aqua ion using sonochemistry as a facile synthesis method

Rapid and facile sonochemical preparation of relatively stable Pu(V) solutions in the millimolar range free from the admixtures of the other oxidation states of plutonium.


From in Situ HT-ESEM Observations to Simulation: How Does Polycrystallinity Affects the Sintering of CeO2 Microspheres?

In situ observation of the first stage of sintering of cerium dioxide microspheres performed using an environmental scanning electron microscope at high temperature.

Team L2ME