Post-doc proposals


Starting date: April 2023

Laboratory: LMCT

Project: The idea of the project is to develop a code for predicting thermodynamics in liquid-liquid extraction processes. This work will be based on molecular dynamics simulations coupled with a microemulsion model, and experimental measurements to parametrize the model. The originality of the project consists of coupling concepts of molecular chemistry for the short-range effects to soft matter theory in order to propose a self-consistent description of solvent extraction. [...]

Credit: M. Duvail / ICSM

Profile: Eligible candidates should have a good knowledge of physical chemistry or chemical physics. Good knowledge of programming is also important because of the modeling aspect of the project. Good oral and written communication and teamwork skills are also essential, as the candidate should collaborate with a team of experimental researchers.

Funding: The postdoc position is funded by the University of Montpellier within the ANR MULTISEPAR. The duration of the contract is 12 months (Net salary: ~ 2000 ¤ / month)

Further information: The successful candidate will join the LMCT group of ICSM. A position of assistant professor (maître de conférence) is planned for 2024 in the laboratory on this theme.

Contact: To apply, please send a cover letter, a detailed CV, and references to Pr. Jean-François DUFRECHE (jean-francois.dufreche and Dr. Magali DUVAIL (magali.duvail