Uranium removal from mining water using Cu substituted hydroxyapatite


Equipe LIME/LM2E

Synthetic copper substituted hydroxyapatite samples were synthesized  with various Cu contents and they were contacted with synthetic uranyl doped solutions and with real mining waters showing various pH and chemical compositions. A fast and strong decrease of the uranium concentration was observed, followed by the establishment of an equilibrium after 1–4 days of contact with the solutions.  

Lire l'article S. Szenknect, A. Mesbah, M. Descostes, A. Maihatchi-Ahamed, L. Bonato, M. Massonnet, Y.  Ziouane, E. Vors, T. Vercouter, N. Clavier, J. Lautru, N. Dacheux, Journal of Hazardous Materials. 392 (2020) 122501

DOI: 10.1016/j.jhazmat.2020.122501