Microstructural and rheological investigation of upcycled metal-organic frameworks stabilized Pickering emulsions

MOF matrices for decontamination: publication in Materials Letters

Team LHYS 

Stabilizing Pickering emulsions with metal-organic frameworks (MOFs) is a known way to incorporate them into hierarchically porous materials. Studies generally focus on their final properties and emulsion microstructures are rarely precisely described. Our hypothesis was that characterizing the microstructural and rheological properties of Pickering emulsions stabilized solely by Al-based MOFs (MIL-96) particles would provide insights into how to control their stability and workability for potential industrial applications.

For more information please read the recent article from Fabrice Lorignon, Alban Gossard, Michaël Carboni and  Daniel Meyer in Colloid and Interface Science 586 (2021) 305–314