Using Microemulsions: Formulation Based on Knowledge of Their Mesostructure

Publication in Chem. Rev.


Microemulsions are complex fluids that are of outmost importance not only for pharmacy food industry, agriculture, home care but also all kinds of paints. They are used sometimes in extraction for recycling of large molecules. They allow to solubilize "insoluble" material, in order to perform chemical reactions or allow transport to end user. They are the subject of 1000 publications per year, half of them in the domain of engineering since their discovery in the fifties. Every ten years, an up-dated general review appears. As a collaboration between ICSM, TU Berlin (Germany) and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology (Israël)a review in the most recognized (impact factor 53) has been published in June 2021 as a cover page.
The three main methods of investigation (Environmental electron microscopy, X-ray, light and neutron scattering as well as modelling with Gaussian random waves) are used daily at ICSM, the only place in Europe where this four techniques are mastered. The file contains more than 600 selected up-dated key references that are targetted to be useful the 10000 scientists and engineers investigating microemulsions.

For more information please read the article from Michael Gradzielski, Magali Duvail, Paula Malo de Molina, Miriam Simon, Yeshayahu Talmon, and Thomas Zemb in Chem. Rev. 121, 5671 (2021)