PhD defense of Ran JI

Ran JI (LSFC) will defend his Ph.D. dissertation entitled "Study of Acoustic Cavitation near Metal Surfaces Contaminated by Uranium" on Tuesday, November 13, 2018 at 10.00 am (ICSM Auditorium).

This study focuses on the decontamination of magnesium metal surfaces under ultrasonic irradiation. After a bibliographic synthesis making a state of the art on the treatment of metallic surfaces by ultrasonic power, the experimental tools and analytical techniques used in this work are described. The results and discussion section are then presented in three separate chapters: 1) a fundamental 100 kHz sonoluminescence study for the characterization of the acoustic cavitation phenomenon in solution and near extended solid surfaces; 2) a study of the structuring of Mg-based surfaces under ultrasonic irradiation; 3) Ultrasonic treatment of radioactive metal surfaces contaminated in the laboratory with natural uranium.