ICSM is equipped with two Bruker D8 Advance diffractometers, each installed in a specific configuration.

The first one has a Bragg-Brentano mounting on a 600mm diameter goniometer. This apparatus makes it possible to characterize the crystalline structure of powders and to know their chemical composition. It has a 9-position sample changer. The primary optics include a Cu source with wavelength λ = 1.5418 Å (40Kv – 40mA), a Goebel mirror (to parallelize the beam), an automatic absorber (Cu blades). The secondary optics is composed of a 1D LynxEye fast detector.

It also has a high-temperature configuration with an Anton Paar HTK1200-N furnace that allows temperature diffractograms (max 1200°C) to be performed. The sample holders are made of stainless steel and PMMA, low background noise. It is also possible to adapt a dome for environmentally sensitive and/or radioactive samples.

The processing is done using the EVA software and an ICDD PDF2-2015 database.


The second device is identical to the first but the installed configurations allow reflectivity experiments (XRR) to be carried out to study solid, liquid (liquid/air interfaces) or characterization of thin film surfaces. The assembly is mounted on a motorized Z-shaped plate. A second configuration allows to work on samples enclosed in glass capillaries (diam. 0.7 to 1mm). In this case the analysis is performed in transmission.

It allows a large number of structural analyses to be carried out, such as:

  • Phase identification,
  • Lattice parameter refinement,
  • Rietveld structure refinement,
  • Measurement of crystallite sizes,
  • Quantitative phase analysing,
  • In situ structural modifications as a function of temperature,
  • Thin film analysis,
  • Determination of electron density profile according to normal at interfaces,
  • Temperature measurements.

For further information, please contact B. Corso (+33 4 66 79 17 64)


SWAXS (moly) bench

This Small- and Wide Angle X-ray Scattering device allows for recording information in the 2×10-2 – 3 Å-1 range of sample-detector distance.

The Small-Angle X-ray Scattering device is equipped with a molybdenum GENIX 50W source (50 kV, 1 mA, Kα = 0.71 Å), with a XENOCS multilayer collimating mirror, FORVIS scattering limiting slits (at the labscale), a motorized three-axes sample holder (x, z, φ) and a 2D X-ray detection performed using a 345 mm diameter MARResearch detector. This equipment allows for recording information within the 2×10-2 < q < 2 Å-1 wave vector range using a unique sample-detector position, a 0.8 × 0.8 beam size at the sample position, a 3.106 ph/s, a Δq/q resolution ranging between 10-2 et 5×10-2 Å-1 and a 3×10-8 limiting factor.



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