The available device is a BRUKER ADVANCE 400MHz spectrometer. It is dedicated to the study of molecular chemistry and supramolecular physico-chemistry in solution.

The 400 MHz NMR spectrometer is equipped with:

  • 4 liquid sensors :
    • Direct sensor (5mm) gradient Z and ATMA 1H Broadband 31P - 15N and 19F,
    • Reverse sensor (5mm) gradient Z and ATMA 1H - 19F Broadband 31P - 109Ag,
    • Triple resonance sensor (5mm) 1H and 13C Wide Band 31P - 15N,
    • Low frequency (10mm) gradient Z and ATMA 1H Broadband 31P - 183W (16.6 MHz).
  • 1 solid sensor:
    • CP-MAS VTN4 4mm, 31P - 15N.

The accessible temperature range is -50° to 120°C. The maximum rotational speed of the sample is 18 kHz. The instrument is equipped with an automatic sample changer.

For further information, please contact S. Maynadié (+33 4 66 79 14 03)



The spectrometer that is available at ICSM is a SPECTRO ARCOS ICP Spectrometer (AMETEK Materials Analysis). This apparatus allows for the quantitative analysis of cations in liquids, with a detection limit of a few ppm.

For further information, please contact B. Baus - Lagarde (+33 4 66 33 93 29)



UV spectrometer

A Shimadzu UV-3600 UV spectrometer of the UV-vis-NIR type, covering a wavelength range from 190 to 3300 nm and equipped with:

  • a double monochromator allowing a very high resolution (up to 0.1 nm) and a very low parasitic light (up to 5×10-5 % at 340 nm),
  • a tungsten source for VIS-NIR and Deuterium (D2) for UV,
  • a triple detector: PMT (photomultiplier tube) for ultraviolet and visible light, InGaAs and cooled PbS for near infrared light, allowing a noise level < 3×10-5 Abs,
  • a double beam.

ICSM is also equipped with two other spectrometers:

  • a Thermo-Fisher UV spectrometer,
  • a UV-vis spectrometer: VARIAN, Cary 50.


Infrared spectrometer

Perkin Elmer 's IR-FT100 spectrometer equipped with:

  • a globar MIR source,
  • a Fourier transform optical system with CsI separator and DTGS detector for a spectral resolution of up to 0.5 cm-1.

It is also composed of three modules:

  • for measuring diffuse or total reflectance and transmittance of solids (powders or thin films) using a PIKE integration sphere module, type MID Integratir, equipped with a cooled MCT detector, over a range of interest from 4000 to 650 cm-1. Dedicated to specific research analyses,
  • ATR-type measurement (Attenuated Total Reflection), thanks to a Perkin Elmer module made up of a diamond having 1 reflection of diameter 2mm set in a crystal of type condenser micro focus in KRS-5, allowing to access a wide range of waves number (10000 to 400 cm-1). This module allows the rapid and unprepared routine analysis of raw solid, powder and liquid samples,
  • measurement in transmission (KBr tablets, liquids).

Bruker's Vertex 70 IR spectrometer.



A Raman Horiba Jobin Yvon Labram Aramis spectrometer with the following specifications:

  • 2 laser wavelengths, red (l = 633 nm), ~17mW and green (l = 532 nm), ~50mW,
  • Objectives X10, X50 (LWD), X100 (LWD), confocal microscope with an axial resolution in optimal condition: < 2 µm and a spot diameter < 1 mm laterally,
  • Spectral resolution in optimal condition: 0.5 cm-1,
  • Low frequency measurements <100 cm-1,
  • Possibility to work in a heating cell and in a controlled atmosphere (Linkam plate),
  • Possibility to do mappings,
  • Non-destructive measurement of powders, liquids, thin films.



An X-ray fluorescence spectrometer SPECTRO Xeros