Characterization of Liquid / Gas, Liquid / Liquid or Liquid / Solid interfaces

Four specific apparatus are available at ICSM:

  • A KSV K100 ring tensiometer, allowing the fully automatic determination of CMC, calculation of surface area per molecule, excess surface area and Gibbs free absorption energy (temperature control),
  • a Drop Shape Analysis System DSA 100S for the analysis of drop shapes and the determination of the surface tension between a liquid and a gaz or between two liquids or between a liquid and a solid (Krüss Company),
  • a Langmuir and Langmuir-Bloggett Deposition Troughs provided by KSV NIMA Company for the measurement of isothermal liquid surface pressure and the production of amphiphilic monolayers and surface coatings,
  • A rotating drip tensiometer.

For further information, please contact P. Bauduin or L. Girard (+33 (0)4 66 33 92 88)


Surface analysis

ASAP 2020 and TRISTAR 3020 micromeritics surface analyzers are available at the ICSM.

This high-precision device allows the isothermal adsorption/desorption of a large number of gases (N2, Kr, Ar, CO2, C4H10) but also water vapour. It thus makes it possible to determine with great precision the specific surface area and porosity (volume and distribution) in a wide range, from micro to mesopores. The device is also equipped with a chemisorption module.

Specific surface area analyses can be performed under nitrogen and krypton for measurements of small specific surfaces (standard BET, BJH, DFT analyses but also microporous surface analyses). We can also perform water vapour adsorption-desorption measurements at 298 K.

The monitoring of the specific surface evolution can allow us to highlight the closure of the pore size on samples subjected to constraints (radiative, mechanical, chemical):

We also use specific surface area measurements to determine the sorption capacity of mesoporous materials:

For further information, please contact C. Rey (+33 4 66 79 13 98)



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