L2IA Research Activities

See below few exemples of recent studies in our group:

Liquid/liquid extraction Kinetics of extraction - theory and experiments 
- Kinetics → dynamics analysis
- Residence time at interface
- Ion transfer, aggregates formation
- SHG technique
- Correlation surface tension / SHG signal
- LL reflectivity / analysis

Large polarisable ions

- Superchaotropic Nano-ions: Aggregation and solubilisation properties in aqueous phase
- Dicarbollides, boranes and polyoxometallates at interfaces
- Nanoions and oligomers, (copo)polymers and proteins

Liquid/Gas high specific surface for extraction: the foam 
- Ion extraction without organic effluents
- Development of specific surfactant extractant in stabilizing dry foam
- pH, IS, cation-anion correlation, how these parameters affects foam stability and drainage.
- Ion / ionic particle (small aggregation) competition in extraction
- Cs decontamination