Permanent positions

Physico-chemist researcher

Start date: June 2024

Summary: Working in the field of separative chemistry for the recycling of valuable materials considering the associated physical chemistry, the research project will aim to explore the interfaces of ultra-divided matter at the molecular and supramolecular scale and all the phenomena that occur there, particularly during an extraction, separation and complexation or ion exchange process, taking into account the meso- and macroscopic changes of these same systems. 

Profile: Physico-chemist specializing in ultra-divided solid and liquid matter (complex fluids), including colloidal dispersions, lyotropic phases, electrolytes in solution or confined, and knowledge of the thermodynamics of associated phase transitions in fluid media. Knowledge of nanoparticle synthesis and/or formulation and solubilization and/or NMR and/or rheophysics and/or impedancemetry and electrochemistry would be highly appreciated. PhD in physical chemistry, specializing in ultra-divided solid and liquid matter.

Funding: CEA/DRF 

Further information: To apply, click on the link