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M1- La RMN haute résolution, méthode privilégiée d'étude des molécules flexibles
Echos du CEA, Science et Recherche, (1982) 30-37.
Cl. Chachaty, B. Perly, J.P. Quaegebeur, Th. Zemb, S. Belaid

M2- The disordered open connected model of microemulsions.
Prog. in Colloid and Polym. Science, (1988), 76, 90-95.
I.S. Barnes, S.T. Hyde (°), B.W. Ninham (°), P.J. Derian, M. Drifford, G.G. Warr, Th. Zemb
(°) Australian National University, Canberra

M3- The structure of micelles and microemulsions.
Reports in Progress of Physics, (1990), 53, 279-371.
Y. Chevalier, Th. Zemb

M4- Scattering as critical test of microemulsion structural models.
Prog. in Colloïd and Polym. Sc., (1990), 81, 20-29.
Th. Zemb, I.S. Barnes , P.J. Derian, B.W. Ninham (°)
(°) Australian National University, Canberra

M5- What can be expected from NMR in reversed micelles? in "Structure and Reactivity in Reverse Micelles"
Pileni M.P. ed., Elsevier, Amsterdam (1990) 54-69
A. Llor, Th. Zemb

M6- Structures de films d’amphiphiles rigides
Images de la Recherche : les systèmes moléculaires organisés (1994) 21-28
Th. Zemb

M7- Colloidal macrostructure of crude oil
Prog. Colloid. Polym Sci. (1995), 98, 180-183
V. Guille (°), D. Espinat (°), L. Barré (°), J.C. Ravey, J. Lambard and Th. Zemb
(°) Institut Français du Pétrole

M8- The colloidal structure of crude oils and suspensions of asphaltenes and resins.
Fuel Science & Technology International  (1996),  14(1 & 2),  203-42.
Ch. Bardon, (°); L. Larre (°); D. Espinat (°); V. Guille (°); M.H. Li (°); J. Lambard; J.C. Ravey (°°); E. Rosenberg ; Th. Zemb
(°) Institut Français du Pétrole
(°°) Université de Nancy

M9- The DOC-model of microemulsions: microstructure, scattering, conductivity and phase limits imposed by sterical constraints
Colloids and Surfaces A, (1997) 129-130, 435-454
Th. Zemb

M10- Swelling limits for bilayer microstructures: the implosion of lamellar structure
Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Science, (2000), 5, 27-37.
M. Dubois, Th. Zemb

M11- Solubilization.
Handbook of Applied Colloid Surface Chemistry vol. 2,, K. Holmberg ed. (2002)
F. Testard, Th. Zemb.

M12- Self-assembly under the influence of weak or long-range force.
Curr. Opin. Colloid In., 2000, 5 (1 -2), 1-4.
M. Corti, Th. Zemb,

M13- Understanding solubilisation using principles of surfactant self-assembly as geometrical constraints
C.R. Académie des Sciences “Géosciences” 334 (2002), 649-663
F. Testard Th. Zemb

M14- Nanosciences : Aspects physico-chimiques
Thermodynamique et microstructure : Interactions mésoscopiques
Rapport Sciences et Technologie “Systèmes moléculaires organisés”, sous la direction de R. Corriu et B. Blanzat, Académie des Sciences 2001
Th. Zemb

M15- Self-assembly: weak molecular forces at work for building mesoscopic architectures
Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Science (2002), 7, 66-68
A. Blume and Th. Zemb

M16- Scattering by microemulsions
Chapter 13 in: “ Light, X-ray and neutron scattering, a tool to investigate colloidal systems ”
  North-Holland, Amsterdam, (2002)
  Th. Zemb

M17- “Chimie et nanosciences”, R. Corriu and B. Blanzat editors (2003)
Aspects thermodynamiques des systèmes moléculaires organisés
  Contribution Th. Zemb

M18- Interpretation of phase diagrams: topological and thermodynamical constraints
Colloids and surfaces  A 205 (1-2): 3-13 Sp. Iss. SI Jun 11, 2002
  Th. Zemb. and F. Testard.

M19- Aggregation of organic extractant phases: consequences on the phase separation limits in liquid-liquid extraction process
Atalante Scientific report (CEA publisher), 2002 pp.100-107

M20- Agrégation des phases organiques d'extractants : conséquences sur les limites de démixtion dans les procédés d'extraction liquide-liquide
Rapport Scientifique d'Atalante, (2002) 101-107
L. Martinet, L. Berthon, F. Testard, Th. Zemb, Ch. Madic

M21- Catanionic microcrystals: Organic platelets, molecules over one gigadalton or ultimately cleaved ionic solids ?
Th Zemb, M. Dubois
Aust. J. Chem., (2003), 56, 971-979.

M22- Self-assembly: weak and specific intermolecular rinteractions at work - Overview
Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Science (2003), 8, (1) 1-4.
Th. Zemb, A. Blume (°)
    (°) Université de Halle (Allemagne)

M23- Can we use area per surfactant as a quantitive test of specific ion effects ?
Current Opinion in Colloid and Interface Science (2003), 9, (1-2) 74-81.
Th. Zemb, L. Belloni, M. Dubois , A. Aroti et M. Leontidis (°)
    (°) Université de Nicosie (Chypre)

M24- Solubilisation
F. Testard,  D. Touraud (°), W. Kunz (°) et Th. Zemb
Chapitre dans les techniques de l ingénieur – Tec et Doc (publ) - 2006
   (°) Universität Regensburg

M25– Self-assembled structures and chemical reactions in room-temperature ionic liquids
Current opinions in Colloids and surfaces (2007)
Jingcheng Hao, Thomas Zemb
(°) Shandong University,Jinan ,  China.

M26- Special Issue: Complex Fluids-from 2D to 3D.
[In: Colloids Surf., A, 2007; 303(1-2)]. (2007), 158 pp.  AN 2007:1072493    CAPLUS   (Copyright (C) 2007 ACS on SciFinder (R))
H. Moehwald ; Th. Zemb ; Editors. 

M27 - Self-assembly weak long-range interactions at work.
Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science  (2007),  12(3),  99-100
Th. Zemb ; A. Blume

M28- Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects
Preface. Colloids and Surfaces, A: (2007),  303(1-2),  1-2. 
H. Moehwald ; Th. Zemb.

M29- Self-assembled structures and chemical reactions in room-temperature ionic liquids.     
Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science  (2007),  12(3),  129-137.
J. Hao (°) ; Th. Zemb.
    (°) Shandong University, Jinan, China

M30- Complex fluids, divided solids and their interfaces: Open scientific questions addressed at the Institute of Separation Chemistry of Marcoule for a sustainable nuclear energy.
Comptes Rendus Chimie  (2007),  10(10-11),  1042-1049.
M. Leroy (°) ; M.-H. Henge-Napoli (+); Th. Zemb
   (°) Université de Strasbourg
   (+)  Institut national des Sciences et Techniques Nucléaires.   

M31: Supramolecular assemblies formed by self-assembling peptides.  
Surfactant Science Series  (2011),  152(Colloids in Biotechnology),  39-78.  Publisher: CRC Press
Dejugnat, Christophe; Zemb, Thomas.

M32 : Third-phase formation in liquid/liquid extraction: a colloidal approach. Testard, Fabienne; Zemb, Th.; Bauduin, P.; Berthon, Laurence. Commissariat à l'Energie Atomique, CEA Saclay, DSM/IRAMIS/SCM/LIONS, Gif-sur-Yvette, Fr. Ion Exchange and Solvent Extraction  (2010),  19  381-428.

M33 : Supramolecular assemblies formed by self-assembling peptides.  Dejugnat, Christophe; Zemb, Thomas. Laboratory of Molecular and Chemical- and Photochemical Reactivity, Paul Sabatier University, Toulouse, Fr. Surfactant Science Series  (2011),  152(Colloids in Biotechnology),  39-78.

M34: Editorial overview: Hydration forces. Zemb, Thomas; Parsegian, V. Adrian. Neth.  Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science  (2011),  16(6),  515-516. 

M35 : Hydration forces between bilayers in the presence of dissolved or surface-linked sugars. Deme, Bruno; Zemb, Thomas.  Institut Laue-Langevin,  Grenoble,  Fr. Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science  (2011),  16(6),  584-591. 

M36 : Hydration forces: Observations, explanations, expectations, questions. Parsegian, V. A.; Zemb, T..  Amherst,  MA,  USA. Current Opinion in Colloid & Interface Science  (2011),  16(6),  618-624.