ICSM Seminar - Pr. Pratap Bahadur

Pr. Pratap Bahadur (VNSG University Surat India) will deliver a seminar entitled "Surface, Colloid and Polymer Science – A bird’s eye view of my half century romance" Monday, April 23, 2018 at 02.30 pm (mezzanine room)

Studies on phase behaviour, micellization and micellar characteristics, rheology etc have been performed using physico-chemical methods via surface tension / viscosity / conductance / solubilisation and instrumental techniques, spectral (IR & NMR), scattering (DLS, SLS, ELS, SANS), thermal (HSDSC, ITC), microscopic (cryoTEM, AFM), chromatographic (GPC, HPLC), steady state and time resolved fluorescence, oscillatory shear measurements, surface film balance etc.