PhD defense of Maximilian PLEINES

Maximilian PLEINES (LTSM) will defend his Ph.D. dissertation entitled "Viscosity-control and prediction of microemulsions" on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 at 3.00 pm (ICSM Auditorium).


Viscosity is a fundamental property of complex fluids that is still nowadays extremely difficult to predict quantitatively. This macroscopic property originates from molecular and mesoscopic properties. The understanding and prediction of the evolution of the viscosity with changing parameters is crucial for several applications, amongst others for liquid-liquid extraction processes and for formulation of aqueous surfactant systems. In this work, a “minimal” model taking into account the relevant free energies was developed that helps to understand, control and predict the evolution of the viscosity of microemulsions in presence of solutes. The term “minimal” means in that context that this model is based on a minimal set of parameters that are all measurable and have a physical meaning, thus avoiding input of any adjustable parameter. This model that considers the chemical terms at molecular scale, the physical terms at meso-scale as well as the flow characteristics at macroscale was applied on water-poor extracting microemulsions as well as on aqueous anionic surfactant systems.