ANR Labcom Vect'Oleo


Created on Septembre 1st 2014, VECT'OLEO is a common laboratory between ICSM and OLEOS.

End of program, 2017 August 31st


  • 2 articles en préparation
  • Oral accepté à HTPLC 2017 à Berlin le 4-6 Juillet 2017
  • 2nd article en cours de soumission
  • 1er article dans Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 154 (2017) 279–286
  • Participation à The International Symposium on Green Chemistry, La Rochelle les 16-19 Mai 2017, présentation orale par D. Gomes Rodrigues: "The crucial role of water in oleo-eco-extraction process: study of the micellization of PG3DS, a bio-based surfactant".
  • Participation à la 6th IUPAC Conference in Green Chemistry, Venise les 4-8 Septembre 2016, présentation orale par D. Gomes Rodrigues: "Study of the aggregation of bio-sourced emulsifier in vegetable oils: Towards a mechanism involved in eco-oleo-extraction".
  • Participation à Cosminnov 4th, Cosmetic Innovation days, Orleans les 24-25 Mai 2016, présentation orale par O. Fadel: "Antioxydant activity of lipid based formulation using EPR".
  • Présentation du projet au workshop "Alternative solvant for extraction, purification and formulation" at the university of Avignon (France), the June 4th of 2015.avec poster présenté par O. Fadel: "supramolecular organization of complex oily systems, development of performing eco-designed oleoactives®)
  • One page in "Innovation Review", a guide for R&D



Acquistion d'un HPTLC CAMAG en décembre 2016

Aout 2016: Aquisition d'OLEOS par la société américaine HALLSTAR

Highlights and Awards

October 15-16, 2015
a VECT'OLEO booth at the "COSMECTIC 360" event in PARIS (France)

A part of the team with the award for the "best public-private collaboration" sponsored by Caisse d'Epargne.